What originally began as a push to back local venues, musicians and business through the quiet of winter, Leaps and Bounds Music Festival continues to nurture our thriving music community, showcasing homegrown talent from up and coming locals, to internationally acclaimed artists alike.

Announcing our New Creative Team for 2017

Sean Simmons Head of Programming 
Belinda Collins Events and Partnerships 
Sarah Guppy Publicity, Marketing and Events 
Justin Rudge Industry Development 
Yarra Youth Services Youth Programming
Jason Tamiru Indigenous Advisor

Enquiries hello@leapsandboundsmusicfestival.com 

Leaps and Bounds Music Festival brings the warmth that our thriving music community inevitably craves at this time of year, and provides continued support to local artists, venues, and businesses with a smorgasbord of gigs to suit any punter’s palate.

Stay tuned for more details.